Every time someone signs the petition, ALL PC MLAs get an email. But, we've also found it effective to flood their offices with calls; particularly the office of the Health Minister. The contact list is to the right. Call between 10:00am - 3:30pm. Their emails are also available on the list.

Step 5: Flood Inboxes & Call

Manitoba Nurses Matter

We Did It! MNU Nurses Got Their Contract! Thank you, Manitoba!

Check out the steps we took below ...


Step 2: Share the Petition

Step 3: Use this Pic

Post this pic and even make it your profile photo for more exposure! Don't forget to put this link in the caption.

All you have to do is hover over the image and click the arrow that appears. It'll save to your computer or camera roll.

Step 4: Share a Video on Social

Make a video about nurses, how important they are, whatever ... and post it on your social media with #mbnursesdeservebetter. Tag Brian Pallister ... but more importantly, the MB PC government. They need to know we won’t stand for their backing of this horrible policy as they have a political future, Pallister does not.


Step 6 & 7:
Buy a T-Shirt & Sign

MNM Shirts and Signs.jpeg

White T-Shirt: $20.00

Yard Sign: $6.00

MB Nurses Matter shirts & signs are now available!

Buy a t-shirt for $20 with Chris Chuckry’s illustration on it. 100% of profits go to Fionn MacCool’s campaign to feed hungry, overworked healthcare workers. 

Buy a yard sign for a donation. They cost $6 to produce, and any donation about the $6 will go to help nurses fight for a fair contract.

All purchases are available for pickup at 264C Portage Avenue, downtown Winnipeg (you must fill out the form, don't pop in, please). We'll contact you after receiving your form with full pickup details and how you can arrange payment.

NOTE FOR DELIVERIES: Our delivery team is booked solid until Aug 5. We do have exceptions for orders of 6 items or more (ie: 6 yard signs, or 3 shirts and 3 signs, etc).

You can also download the print out the above image.

To download a higher quality PDF, click here.


We made a BIG banner for the website. It features our site and some of the first 10,000 names that signed the petition.

Each letter is 8 ft tall by 4ft wide and can be setup as a long horizontal line or as a square with 16 total panels.

The banner can be hung, lay on the ground, or it can be setup however works for maximum exposure.

Have a good idea for where we can put the banner next? Just send us an email!

Step 9:
Our BIG Banner

MNM Banner.jpg

Join us as we move forward by canvassing places people are hanging out and going door-to-door for people to sign the petition! There are no sales involved, there's no tough pitch ... it's just, "Hey, nurses are in trouble. If you have a phone and 30 seconds could you sign our petition?"

Fill out the form below if you'd like to join in on getting some sunshine and supporting nurses.

Step 10:

Happy Young People

Step 8: Your Big Banner

Party Stuff on Milt Stegall Drive has now listed the 45" x 30" and 30" x 45" banners on their website. You can click on the button below to order your big banner. No one can ignore these huge banners hanging with pride at your home!

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 2.16.51 PM.png